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Rife Machine FAQ

Rife Machine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Rife Machines




Q: How far away from a radiant unit should I sit or lie down?

A: Each manufacturer is different, but 15 feet should be sufficient. Check with the manufacturer for specifics.


Q:Will the light from a plasma tube hurt my eyes?


Plasma can emit both beneficial infrared and ultraviolet radiation which is harmful. Quartz offers no protection from UV-B. Some instruments have leaded glass to filter out the UV-B.

If you are at least 3 inches away, the radiation is neglible.


Q: What if something is blocking the light?

A: Each manufacturer is different, but, as a general rule, the light should not be obstructed.


Q: Can I be harmed by the radio frequency emitted by a device?

A: Everyone is different in their reaction to the RF signal. As a general rule, you can experiment with what feels better to you. As the BCX allows for the signal to be on or off, one can see which feels better to the user. For a longer explanation, please refer to the Rife Handbook, by Nenah Sylver.


Q: Can I use electrodes and radiant plasma at the same time?

A:The BCX models allow for both simultaneously.


Q: Which is better plasma or electrodes?

A: It is generally believed that plasma penetrates deeper into the body, therefore, it works better. This is up for debate, as some conditions seem to respond better to electrodes or plasma. It is case dependent. Lifestyle, genetics, diet, and any number of other factors also can be considered as well. The answer really comes down to what works better for you.



Q: Should I get a preprogrammed machine, or one where I can program the frequencies?

A: The best units allow for both. The benefit of the the preprogrammed unit is ease of use. A user can select a program for their condition. The downside is that as new frequencies are seen to be effective, the user cannot update their machine to run these frequencies.


Q: What is a ‘sweep’?

A: A sweep means that the machine not only runs the specific frequency, but, also the frequencies that are incrementally close on either or both sides that frequency. In this way, the machine may account for slight variations in the target that has been selected. This is generally believed to be a more effect strategy, though one should allow for more time when Rifing given that more frequencies are being run. Rife Machines often include sweeps in their programming.


Q: What does a gate/gating mean?

A: A gate works by opening and closing the signal for short increments of time. The belief is that the body becomes habituated to the signal, and therefore, the signal does not enter the body, or is less effective.


Q: Some machines run several frequencies at the same time? Is this advisable?

A: As a general rule, there is only so much power available for the unit, so, that would mean less power to each signal. Some users report good results, that is ultimately up to the user to decide.


Q: Are Rife Machines hard to operate?

A: No. Once you are familiar with how to run a particular machine, it should be very easy to operate.


Q: Are Rife Machines FDA Approved?

A: Simply put, no.  They are most often classified as experimental devices, and are not considered to be a medical device.


Q: Can I buy a ‘real’ Rife Machine?

A: There is only Rife’s methodology at this point, there isn’t a specific machine on the market that is a ‘real’ Rife Machine.


Q: What is a Herxheimer (Herxing) reaction?

A: Herxing is a detoxing reaction commonly associated with the killing of pathogens in the body. Often times the excessive waste products can cause symptoms similar to the flu and may last an extended period of time. Many users report herxing reactions following their Rifing sessions.

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